2009 Idaho Mission Trip

Mission McCall, Idaho. July 18-26, 2009.

 This year's domestic Mission Trip was to McCall Idaho.  McCall is 1711 miles from our church in Ardmore, three hard days of driving.   McCall is a beautiful resort town in the Central mountains of Idaho.  We worked with Fellowship Baptist Church, a church that is only one year old.  Fellowship has a very small congregation, led by Pastor Todd Liston.  We had three assignments on our Mission:  Vacation Bible School, A football sports clinic, and street evangelism and surveys.  
          The V.B.S. went off well. We averaged around 35 kids each morning.  We started at 9:00 and ended around 12:00.  The highlight of V.B.S. was the one young man who gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
         The Football sports clinic was led by Coach Andy Johnson, Jason Williams, and Kevin Gill.  Monday- Wednesday they led in a junior high clinic that averaged around 30 kids each day. On the last night of the clinic four young men prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Thurs-Sat they assisted in the High School clinic.  There was a total of 60 kids from three different schools at this.  At the end of each session they would have the opportunity to share the Gospel. All of the kids who attended the sports clinic were invited to come to the Church on Sunday for a hamburger cook out.
         Each afternoon we worked on street evangelism and surveys.  This was quite a challenging task as most of the people in McCall were not church goers and many of the houses in McCall were vacation homes. This made for interesting visits. Many of the homes we went to were not even interested in speaking with us.  At one of the houses we visited, a young mother prayed to receive Jesus Christ. Th
is certainly was a wonderful blessing to us all, as were all the salvations on the trip. Over all, the trip was a great success. We are looking forward to returning to McCall as we continue our partnership with them.