Acapulco Mission Trip 2012

Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico.  July 16-24th, 2012

This trip marks the start of our partnership with Pastor Salvador and Iglesia Bautista La Esperanza. On our previous vision trip we found out the needs of our partnership church, on this trip we will follow through doing what we believe God showed us to do. La Esperanza has two ministry locations one at their Church and the other about 10 miles away at a city park. We conducted a Vacation Bible School at the park that went really well. We had approximately 30 kids every day. During VBS we had an evangelism team going house to house through the neighborhoods; we were received and welcomed in most all homes. In the evening time we had a team from Idaho who conducted a Basketball clinic. This drew excitement from everyone in the community, every night many would come out to the city park for the clinic and others would come to watch. At halftime or midway through the clinic a visiting Pastor or one of the clinic leaders would share a gospel message. We also had a training session on the E-Cube, the cube was accepted and very successful in the neighborhood around the park. All in all it was a great Mission trip, 69 people prayed to receive Christ, 100 Bibles and 500 tracts were passed out, 2 people were baptized, completed VBS and a basketball clinic. Missionaries on trip were: Stephanie Choate, Melanie Cox, Cecil and Michelle Fuentes, Bro. Jimmy and Glenda May, Sharon Messenger, Lauren Tucker all from Trinity; Pastor Todd, Luke and Micah Liston, Chris Wyatt and Josh Thompson all from Meridian, Idaho.