Malawi Africa 2013

Our 2013 trip to Malawi was our 8th trip. Once again we partnered with Pastor Booker Banda. We were blessed to take 24 Missionaries from 9 Churches to share the Gospel in this beautiful country. Malawians are always open to listen to the message of Jesus Christ. This year we witnessed 12,225 people accept Christ as Lord and Savior, 710 were baptized.  Many churches were started and completed. We also distributed new bibles to those who were Baptized and provided Sunday school literature to churches we worked in. Missionaries who joined us on this years trip were Herb Erhart , Clyde Kemp, Dr. Robert Wilson, Terri Wilson, Becky DeLisle, Dan Summers, Michelle Fuentes, Steve Messenger, Cathy McEwen, Katie Kendall, Arshauna Smith, Jason Williams,  Liz Williams, Mary Beth Cavner, Ollie Pierson, Keila Pierson, Kivonna Krouse, Leslie Christian, Stacy Doughty, Jimmy May, Glenda May, Darryl Matthews, Jim Roluti, Dennis Lopez.