Naco, Sonoro, Mexico 2008.

Naco Mexico has become an annual place for us at Trinity to minister.  The first year, 2006, we were in Southern Arizona.  We went across the border into Mexico. When we arrived at the orphanage and saw the kids, our hearts were truly touched.  Dr. Daniel Woods, an optometrist at our church, got the idea to return to the orphanage and offer a free eye glass clinic to the orphans and anyone else who wanted to come.  Dr. Woods prayed God might put a team together to go with him.  His prayers were answered.  The next year in 2007, when we offered the mission trip to our people, 38 responded.  Dr. Woods and Dr. Dalrymple, another optometrist in our church, led the team.  Our church led a V.B.S. at the orphanage in conjunction with the eye glass clinic.  The first year they saw patients from morning until night. When the patients would be waiting in line for the clinic we would preach the Gospel to them and also give them a free Spanish Bible.  Many prayed to recieve the Lord Jesus Christ as thier Lord and Savior.   In 2008 Dr. Woods returned to Naco with a team of 12.  By himself, Dr. Woods examined 330 patients, treating all kinds of vision disorders.  Once again as the patients would be waiting in line we would share the Gospel with them, resulting in 200+ patients praying to recieve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Everyone who went throught the eye glass clinic recieved a Bible, Tee-Shirt, and most got prescription eye glasses. This year's team members were: Mission Leader Dr. Daniel Woods and family Hollye, Daniel Jr., Joseph Woods. Also on the trip, Interpreters: Maria Carter and Vicki Lopez, Bro. Jimmy May, Kay Gray, Sharon Messenger, Josh Norton, Pat Plank and Maria Bond.