What Christmas Brings to the World (Christmas 2019)

 everyday faith

 Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer (The Beatitudes)

 Gaining a Foothold (The Doctrine of Hope)

 The Book of Ecclesiastes

 God's Psalms for Man's Heart and Mind

 Why Do We Need a Savior? (Easter 2019)

 The Subtle Nature of Pride

 Jesus in His Own Words ( The I AM Statements)

 Job: A Perspective on Suffering

 Tabernacle Truths (A Study of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness)

 Christmas Questions (Christmas 2018)

 Marching Orders

 Delight Yourself in the Lord

 Growing God's Church God's Way for God's Glory

 The Sin Problem

 Fixing the Family

 The Story of Jacob (Genesis 25-50)

 The Four D's of the Gospel - A Study of John 3:16

 The Math of God (Philippians 3:4-11)

 The Fourfold Message of the Cross - Easter 2018

 I Love My Church Series

 Life: God's Gift to Man

 The Ugliness of Christmas (Christmas 2017)

 The Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8)

 Growing by Addition

 Bless the Lord, O My Soul!

 The Strategies of Satan and the Armor of God

 From the Sheep Pen to the Palace

 I Can See Clearly Now (Easter 2017)

 The Book of Acts

 Thriving in Babylon (Daniel)

 One Step at a Time (1 Thessalonians)

 Unto Us - Christmas 2016

 Developing a Thankul Heart (Habakkuk)

 Voting Our Christian Values

 "Harvest Time!"

 Rightly Dividing the Word

 "The Doxology of the Christian Life"

 Serving Jesus, Serving Like Jesus

 Becoming a FAT HOG for Jesus

 Singing the Songs of Zion

 The Resurrection of Jesus, Ancient Answers for Modern Skeptics and Doubters (Easter 2016)

 The Book of James

 God's Amazing Grace

 Christ Humbled, Christ Exalted

 In Defense of Christ

 Choosing to be Thankful

 Getting Off the Plateau

 How I AM Changes Who I Am

 Praying with Paul

 The Spirit of God

 Making the Best of a Bad Situation

 Who Owns Your Life? (stewardship)

 Easter 2015: The Meaning of the Cross

 Back to the Basics

 Key Words of the Christian Life

 Jesus Christ, B.C. (Christmas 2014)

 Give Thanks!

 Life's Most Important Questions

 The Right Kind of Church

 The Book of Mark

 The Book of Habakkuk

 The Generations of Adam

 Obvious Truths from Obscure Scriptures

 The Home that God Builds

 Walking Worthy!

 Journey to the Empty Tomb

 The Last Days According to Jesus

 Abiding in Christ

 I Have Seen the Light (Christmas 2013)

 Knowing and Doing God's WIll

 ReConnect: Doing Sunday School Right

 Making a Difference in the World

 God's Perfect Ten

 When Believers Get Bothered

 At the Feet of Jesus

 Serve Oklahoma

 The Glory of the Resurrection (Easter, 2013 - A Study of 1 Corinthians 15)

 The Amazing Power of Jesus (The Miracles of Jesus in Matthew 8 and 9)

 The Book of Hebrews

 The Fruit of the Spirit Series

 Three Assurances for the New Year

 Waiting for Christmas (Christmas 2012 series)

 How Should a Christian Vote?

 Unite to Build

 The Book of Esther

 The Glorious Appearing

 The Fundamentals

 The Anatomy of the Church

 Living by Faith in a World Full of Fear

 The Life and Times of Samson

 Improving Your Image

 The Crucifixion of the King

 The Thrill of Victory

 The Book of Galatians

 Christ is Christmas! - Christmas 2011 Series

 Jesus Said Series

 "Do You Not Know" Series

 The Kingdom Parables

 The High Priestly Prayer

 Hope for the End TImes

 The Armor of God

 The Book of Jude

 Getting to Know the Unknown God

 To God be the Glory!

 Extreme Home Makeover: Family Edition

 On the Road with Elijah

 Repentance: God's Highway to the Heart

 The Impact of Easter

 Making a Difference through Missions

 Reaching for the Prize

 "What Do You Know For Sure" Series

 The King Who Would Be Man - Christmas Series 2010

 Developing a Thankful Heart

 The Book of Philemon

 The Book of James

 Trust Me, Try Me, Prove Me!

 Revival Preparation Series

 At the Cross

 The Wonder of a Wedding

 What's Right About America?

 These Things We Believe

 Sermon on the Mount Series

 The Book of Zechariah

 Breaking the Alabaster Box

 The God of Easter

 The Road to Financial Freedom Series

 Things Jesus Took

 Whose Mission, Who's Missing? Missions Emphasis '09

 The Child of Promise - Christmas '09

 The Book of Colossians

 The Security of Salvation

 Real Salvation Series

 Enon Baptist Association Annual Sermon

 Becoming Great

 The Book Of Daniel

 Spiritual Defectors Series

 Fantastic Families Series

 2 Peter Series

 God at Work in You

 The Word Became Flesh (Christmas 2008)

 Stewardship '08

 America in Crisis Series

 1 Peter Series

 Principles of Judgment

 Ezekiel Series

 The Love of God

 Family Issues Series - 2008

 The Jewish Feasts

 The Book of 1 John

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