Malawi Africa 2010

Lilongewe, Malawi Africa 2010

This marked our fifth time at Trinity to work in Malawi. This year we had 21 missionaries to make the three day journey to Africa. We worked with 14 churches that we started on previous mission trips. Our partner in Malawi is the Rev. Booker Banda, he watches over all 14 churches. We have church leaders and pastors in all of the 14 churches. We plant churches and help them to build their own structures. Many of the church’s have completed their church buildings while others are still in the process of acquiring land or are in various stages of construction. This year we saw 11,854 people pray to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   We also planted one more church on a remote island in Malawi.  Mission participants were Linda Choate, Tony Choate, Stephanie Choate, Louise Ellis, Clyde Kemp, Glenda May, Bro. Jimmy May, Steve Messenger and Jay Lynn Word all of Trinity Baptist Church. Brittany Christian, Leslie Christian of Jimtown Baptist Church. Herb Erhart, Bro. Jim Roluti of Leon Baptist Church. Mary Harrell, First Baptist Church, Moore. Jeff Jackson, Bethel Baptist Church, Healdton. Evan Jolliff, Kyle Jolliff, Bro. Michael Sanchez of Milo Baptist Church. Bro. Dennis Lopez, Shady Dale Baptist Church, Darryl Mathews, Thomas Hines, St. Marks Baptist Church, Tampa Florida.